Specialty Contact Lenses

Are you one of those “hard-to-fit” contact lens wearers? Perhaps you’ve been told you can’t wear contacts. We specialize in fitting people just like you! We offer many specialty lenses for people with those unique needs:

Gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses:

  • Give healthy oxygen flow to the cornea

  • Durable and easy to clean

  • Can correct most astigmatism

  • Don’t lose their shape

  • Available in single vision or multi-focal prescriptions

Scleral lenses:

  • Sharp vision & comfort for dry eyes

  • Irregular corneas

  • Hard to fit eyes


  • Hybrid lenses combining RGP and soft lenses

  • Can be more comfortable than hard contact lenses for some patients

Ortho-K lenses:

  • Wear at night to correct nearsightedness

  • Gently reshapes cornea

  • Allows patients to go without glasses or contacts during the day

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