Solutions, Drops & Nutritional Suppliments

Jarvis vision center believes in a holistic approach to health care.  Taking an individual approach to each patient, our doctors often recommend vitamin supplements to help with your eye care needs.  You’ll find that this approach will often times help improve dry eyes, night time vision, diabetic blood flow, and macular degeneration.  Don’t grow frustrated by the confusing choices at big box stores, let our professionals discuss safe options for your health care needs.

Nutritional Supplements
EyePromise black background tall At Jarvis Vision Center, our doctors take a holistic approach to eye care. We believe that  prescription medication often needs to be supplemented with nutritional options for  many eye conditions. Utilizing premium, evidence-based nutraceutical products from  ZeaVision, we can offer safe products to help manage many eye conditions such as dry  eyes, macular degeneration, and diabetes. All of our supplements come with a money back  guarantee. Let our trained professionals help you decide exactly what your eyes need. This  can be a confusing area for many patients, but we will take time to help you understand  your risks and benefits from vitamin supplementation.

Solutions and Drops

Our office stocks a variety of contact lens solutions and eye drops to help simplify your shopping experience. Not all solutions are the same. Our doctors will prescribe a specific solution that compliments your particular contact lens brand. In addition, we offer both samples and larger boxes of many types of dry eye and contact lens rewetting drops. Let our professionals discuss which drops and solutions are right for you.

Lid Hygiene Wipes

Cliradex is a unique, preservative free, lash, eyelid, and facial cleanser used to treat dry, irritated eyelids. Derived from a special type of tea tree oil, the components found in Cliradex have been studied extensively around the world and have demonstrated numerous eye, skin and overall health benefits. Ask us today if this product is right for you!