Eye Care Services

At Jarvis Vision Center we hold to the saying, “Check yearly, see clearly!” 

Annual eye exams are the foundation of healthy vision.  We take the time to thoroughly monitor the health of your eyes and evaluate your need for corrective lenses every year, starting in early childhood.

Your experience always begins with a friendly smile from one of our team members.  Our technicians will take the time to listen to your concerns and evaluate your needs.  We use the latest eye care technologies, including Optomap (a digital, panoramic retinal imaging system) and Spectangle Pro (used to gather hyper-accurate measurements for glasses), to accurately determine your prescription and build glasses that will cater to your individual lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for the latest fashion in glasses, newest advances in contact lenses, or just in need for a comprehensive wellness check, Jarvis Vision Center has you covered.

Did you know that many systemic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, tumors, etc., can be detected through comprehensive eye exams?  We often joke that “the eyes are the window to the soul”, but there is much truth to this statement.  Nowhere else in the body can one see live blood vessels without performing some invasive procedure.  As eye care professionals, we have the unique ability to assess someone’s overall health by examining their eyes.

We are able to diagnosis and treat conditions such as chronic dry eyes, conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  As a member of your health care team, our doctors will also communicate with your primary care physician concerning systemic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.  We use the latest technologies (i.e. high definition photographs, visual fields, VEPs, OCT, MPOD, genetic testing, and more) to make early diagnoses and take time to educate patients about treatment and management options that meet their individual needs.

rsz_2johanna_rossChildren are treated specially at Jarvis Vision Center!  We love kids and do our best to provide care in a comfortable environment.  Beginning with free Infant See eye exams between the ages of 6 months to 1 year of age, we will assess the overall health and development of your infant’s eyes.  Starting in Preschool and before Kindergarten, your child will be tested for age appropriate vision, color vision, depth perception, and proper eye alignment.

Early childhood visual development is critical for your child to be successful in school.  We have the expertise to help him or her not only see their best but also look their best.  Our team of opticians will work with you and your child to find fun, fashionable eyewear and educate you on the importance of eye protection both indoors and outdoors.

Before you leave our office, don’t forget to search for some treats in our treasure box and ask about our free T-shirt for all students beginning their first year in school!

When traditional treatments and corrective lenses are no longer wanted or needed, we will help guide you through available surgical options.  Working directly with other medical eye surgeons, our doctors will assist in both the pre- and post-op management of your surgery.  Many eye surgeries, including cataract surgery, eye lid surgery, and LASIK surgery, are done in outpatient facilities and with minimum inconvenience to the patient.  We will take time to explain all of your surgical options and likely outcomes.  Together, we will facilitate the scheduling and post-operative management of your eye surgery.
In the event that an eye emergency occurs, our doctors are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We set aside time in our schedule to accommodate sudden eye problems, infections, or injuries.  Our staff will help to triage your condition over the phone and facilitate your urgent care.  Our doctors will assess and manage your condition or refer you to the appropriate physician if deemed necessary.


For your convenience, our doctors can be easily reached after hours by  simply calling our office at (270) 759-1429 and pressing 8.